Rez Infinite gets a surprise release on Steam with VR support

Since then, the game has amassed numerous awards, including best VR Game at the 2016 Game Awards. Further, it cemented itself as not only one of the flagship games for PlayStation VR, but cemented itself as a virtual-reality classic.

Following yesterday’s tantalizing tease on Twitter, developer Enhance Games has announced that it’s 2016 critically acclaimed VR game, Rez Infinite, is available starting today on PC, supporting both Oculus Rift and SteamVR.

To further incentivize a launch window purchase, you’ll get the Digital Deluxe DLC for free within those two weeks. I can’t wait to play it on PC and if you should too if you’re looking for a rather hardcore old school-like experience. “With 4K support, up to double the texture quality, advanced graphic options as well as multiple controller options, we hope to introduce our game to a new audience who’ve never played Rez before and those who haven’t picked it up in a while”. During the first month of release, there’ll be a free package of bonus content available including soundtrack samples, desktop wallpapers, and avatars. Now, over 15 years later, fully remastered, the latest form of Rez is infinitely improved and evolved for a new generation of hardware and its gamers. On desktop mode, use the left joystick, or hold left click and drag the mouse to look around. Below, you can view an overview of the game via its Steam page. The PC version is available for $19.99, 20 percent off its regular price of $24.99, until August 16.

Rez, of course, is legendary game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s equally legendary psychedelic rhythm-based shooter, loosely themed around the concept of synesthesia, and originally released on Dreamcast in 2001.

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