GOP Healthcare Plan Least Popular Bill in Three Decades

McConnell previously said that if there’s no agreement among Republicans, he will be forced to begin discussions with Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y. Republican senators have been downplaying the chances of a quick vote on their ObamaCare replacement bill amid divisions in the party over what the legislation should look like.

Hoeven’s spokeswoman, Kami Capener, said both Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota and Sanford Health Plan have indicated they will propose premium increases for 2018. The Senate bill we have seen to this point is not a repeal of ObamaCare, and we have seen senators pressuring Republican lawmakers to accept it because “it’s time to put ideological differences aside and move“, as Sen. Republicans can only afford to lose two of their own party’s votes in the Senate, assuming all Democrats vote against the measure.

“It hasn’t been fleshed out yet, so I believe pre-existing conditions ought to be covered, and we shouldn’t deny people coverage with pre-existing conditions, so that would have to be worked out”, Sen.

Going back even further, the AHCA is even more unpopular than former President Bill Clinton’s health care plan, the previous record-holder for the most controversial legislation since 1990.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Thursday he’s hopeful but unsure whether his Republican colleagues can reach consensus on a health care bill.

When Republicans say they don’t want to take away our “freedoms”, this is what they mean: Everybody is “free” to sink or swim and let those who are unable to swim, drown.

Because of the thin 52-member Republican majority, the small GOP opposition was enough to derail a vote.

“We have to get more consumer decision-making involvement in the process and more transparency”, he said.

The revelling protestors wore rainbow suspenders, crop-tops, and other things that innately scream, “I’m queer and don’t support this health care bill”.

Politico said that McConnell has given up Paul as a “lost cause”, according to an unnamed aide.

Senate leaders have asked the Congressional Budget Office to analyze the impact Cruz’s provision would have on the federal budget and insurance coverage.

Though FreedomWorks won’t throw its support behind a bill that doesn’t fully repeal ObamaCare, the Cruz amendment would make the bill better, said Jason Pye, the group’s vice president of legislative affairs.

Republicans once wanted to eliminate Obamacare “root and branch”, repealing every last regulation, tax and mandate.

His suggestion that he and his colleagues might instead try to bolster the insurance exchanges created under the ACA is at odds with Republican talking points that they are beyond fix. It’s only the Republican Congress and the Republican administration, who campaigned on the promise of repealing Obamacare, who are unhappy with it.

“We should all want to improve our healthcare system so it works better for families and businesses”, Heitkamp said.

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