Don’t expect Tom Brady to help Celtics woo Gordon Hayward

That is unless another organization can form a third “super team”.

And it’s not just because they have to get a consistent producer of offense on the wing to complement Isaiah Thomas (and vice versa) and change the way opponents can deal with them. But is he at the level where George sees Hayward’s presence in Boston as a deal breaker to signing an extension with the Celtics?

That’s Boston’s plan, anyway, according to The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Heat are expected by many to be the favorite for the All-Star free agent. Brad Stevens, the Celtics head man, coached Hayward at Butler University where the duo made an appearance at a National Title game at a relatively smaller college.

It has been revealed that Boston Celtics are eyeing to sign in two certain players for a trade. Those are Durant-like numbers and with Hayward being the top offensive threat for the Jazz that made his numbers that much better.

Well, Celtics guard Isiah Thomas, who will reportedly be present at the Celtics’ meeting with Hayward on Sunday, had a different take on how the three suitors stack up.

However, a new team has entered the scene, expressing their interest in taking in Paul George. Pictured: Terry Rozier defends George at TD Garden on November 11, 2015 in Boston. That’s what he’s saying: the Heat have three, the Celtics have 17, and the Jazz have. none. In Boston, Hayward would be joining a team that finished with the best regular season record in the East and lost in the Conference Finals to Cleveland. Join the Chowder and Champions team! First up for Hayward was the Heat.

There is a rumor of a 4th team trying to land Hayward – maybe the Indiana Pacers or perhaps the Chicago Bulls for those thinking about Hayward going back to where he grew up or the vicinity of it. The Jazz ended a four-year playoff drought last season. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if he does not choose Boston, but it will be a major disappointment.

Cleveland was anxious that the Celtics might add George a few months ago. Griffin is likely to have plenty of offers on the market as well and Boston has been linked to him as well. “I think as much as anything we’re confident in where the team is positioned, the ability to move it forward”.

No matter where he signs, Hayward nearly certainly will sign a deal that gives him the option to sever after three years. The Boston Celtics have reported interest in Hayward as well, in what could be an intense battle for his services.

DeAndre Jordan – Clippers president Doc Rivers may be looking to shake things up in LA a little bit after dealing away Chris Paul to the Rockets last week. I want to be an elite shot-blocker and make a big impact.

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